Jackpot Joy’s Wonderland slot game is beautifully designed with attractive visuals, catchy sounds, easy game play and the opportunity for big wins. The Alice in Wonderland theme lends a whimsical touch to the game that extends throughout play.

Themed bonus games offer an opportunity to win even more. Players can earn rewards by choosing the right teapots in the Mad Tea Party game while looking for the elusive Dormouse. The Croquet game pits Alice against the villainous Queen of Hearts and players must choose the right hoops to be rewarded. The Queen returns in the Painting the Roses game, where she is trying to catch players turning white roses red with a fast click of the mouse. Her watchful eye is also a component in the Queen’s Court game, in which choosing the right cards will reap rewards. There are opportunities to win the progressive jackpot in each of the bonus games by completing tasks like choosing the right cake at the tea party or turning all the roses red before being caught by the Queen.

Playing multi-line slots increases the player’s chance of winning cash instantly. The game is won by matching symbols along a win line. Increasing the amount of lines per bet leads to a greater likelihood of winning and players may even be rewarded more than once per spin if many lines are matched. The bet is multiplied for each additional line. If you bet ten cents per line and choose to bet on ten lines, you will be betting one dollar per spin.

The Auto Spin function allows you to make bets and let the game basically play itself. This option can be customized to reflect your needs and can be programmed to stop if you win a set amount on a spin or if your balance reaches a certain amount during gameplay. Players that use the auto spin option will not miss out on the fun bonus games, as autoplay is stopped when they become available.

The Wonderland game will charm players with its unique design, fun bonus games, fantastic theme and easy game play. New players at Jackpot Joy can also claim a cash welcome bonus!