We’ve all seen movies involving the chaos in the stock markets, a bustling scene filled with brokers shouting and yelling to buy or sell stock. It’s a world that everyone at some point has considered trying out. But instead of learning the ins and outs of trading you could get a taste of what it’s like with the Wall Street Fever slot game at William Hill Casino.

Set in the famous Wall Street Stock Market this game captures the high stakes lifestyle of these captains of industry. It features an interesting design that has arguing stock brokers in the background and a nice touch is the progressive jackpot which drifts along in a little bar in the same way that stock points does in the real market. Money related items like purses, dollar signs, cell-phones, briefcases, bonds, cash and phones adorn the reels too.

Other than its great looks this game is also extremely easy to play. You’re given 5 reels and just 5 lines to play across, all of those paylines are permanently active and you can only increase your bets in single increments with the ‘Bet One’ button so it’s a fairly simple setup. The reels also spin relatively fast so you can blow through a couple of rounds in a short space of time.

Of course since it’s a slot game that means there are also some unique features to mess around with. For starters there’s the wilds, shown as the Wall Street sign these handy symbols will substitute for other items in your combinations which in turn gives you more ways to win.

But that’s not all they can do because if you land 5 of them on the reels whilst betting the maximum amount you’ll win the progressive jackpot. So you could land quite a large fortune from this game if you’re really lucky.

Another fun feature you’ll get to play with is the free spins. This bonus is unlocked by landing three or more of the free spin scatters on the reels and the number of turns you get will be based on the amount of scatters your land. Hit it with 3 and you’ll be given 5 free spins, land 4 Scatters and you’ll receive 15 spins and for all 5 scatters you’ll be rewarded with a massive 50 free spins prize.

Finally there’s the selling bonus – spin 3 or more Zig-Zag Scatters on the reels and this round launches. When it starts you’ll be shown a series of items on the screen and you’ll have to pick a few to sell on the digital stock market and whatever the sell for will be your reward.

Overall this game is pretty entertaining, gameplay is simple and it’s got a unique and exciting design. It’s definitely one game you need to try out if you’ve ever wanted to act like a Stock Broker.