The beauty of the Thai flower slots game lies in its simplicity. Avoiding the noise and clutter of many modern video slot machines, such as Lucky U Slots, it instead takes inspiration from the quiet stillness of Thailand and the peaceful Buddhist religion.

Buddhism is the official religion of Thailand, with more than 95% of the population practising it. Buddhism is as ingrained in the Thai identity as the palaces, elephants and beautiful women whose pictures adorn the reels, and it is represented in this slot machine by the delicate lotus flower.

The lotus flower is sacred to the Buddhist religion and often appears in illustrations and statues featuring Buddha. According to an old legend, a lotus flower would bloom everywhere that a baby Buddha stepped, becoming a symbol of purity and enlightenment. Its inclusion on this majestic slot game adds to the mesmerising allure and feeling of exoticness you get when you play the Thai Flower Slot game.

The Basics

In the Buddhist religion, both the beautiful lotus flower and Buddha are both sacred symbols and often appear together.

The Thai flower slot is a traditional five-reel slot game that features 10 fixed paylines, removing the confusion over which lines are currently in play. The reels feature a mixture of iconic Thai imagery, including:

  • a box of jewels
  • a palace
  • an elephant
  • a beautiful Thai lady
  • traditional bright, bold slot values – A, K, Q and J
  • the stunning pink lotus flower

While you cannot change the paylines, you can change your bet. Ranging from a minimum of 1p to a maximum of £50 on each payline, the slot adapts for high rollers and casual players alike. Once you’ve selected your desired bet amount, just click the button to set the reels spinning.

Each spin is accompanied by hypnotising Thai-inspired music that sounds like a dream sequence…and the dream might become reality if you manage to line up the right symbols.

How To Play The Game

Exciting and exotic, the game is very different to many other slot games which is one of the things that makes it so popular.

Reading from left to right across the play lines, you need to match at least three images – two for the Thai ladies – as identical symbols in order to trigger a payout. The help screen shows a table of values for each set, from x5 to x1000. Like all slots, matching all five symbols needed for the top win is incredibly rare, but the Thai flower slot gives plenty of opportunities to win smaller amounts because of its ten active paylines.

A further boost is given by the lotus flower symbol, which has a dual purpose in the game. Firstly, it is the wild symbol and substitutes for any other value, meaning that you have even more chances of making that all important three-in-a-row. The inclusion of a wild value on slot reels makes the game more exciting and the Thai flower slot builds on this by giving the lotus flower its own tone to herald its arrival.

Secondly, the lotus flower symbol acts as a scatter symbol and can trigger an exciting 12 free spins. In fact, it is the free spin feature that stands the Thai Flower Slot apart from many similar games and draws players’ interest. The lotus flower symbol is only on reels 1, 3 and 5, and if all three appear at once, then the bonus spin round is triggered. Three random symbols are revealed and these replace the standard reel set up, increasing your chances of winning on every spin.

The twelve spins autoplay, and your total winnings are added up and credited to your machine at the end of the bonus session. The free spins don’t trigger that often, get ready for a huge adrenaline rush when you see those three lotus flowers on your screen!

How Much Can You Win?

The Thai flower slot game can lead to life changing wins if you’re lucky enough to find all the right symbols.

So, how much could you win from playing the Thai flower slot? The maximum winnings from a session are capped at £250,000, which is a pretty life-changing sum of money. Of course, how much you will actually win depends on your initial bet, how long you play for, and a whole lot of luck.

Even so, some of the symbols pay pretty well. Practice your skills by playing some free slots first, then hit the Thai Flower Slot game and line up five elephants or five palaces and you will get a return of 500x your original bet. Plus, with the addition of the lotus flower wilds, you get six extra chances of hitting those symbols.


In conclusion, there is a lot to like about the Thai flower slot. The colours are pretty and exotic – emerald green, turquoise, gold, royal purple, and bright fuchsia – and really match the Thai imagery you can expect to see on a visit to Thailand. The traditional clacking of the spinning reels has been replaced with a twinkling melody and tropical chimes that manage to be relaxing while also building excitement as you watch the symbols start to slow.

The fixed paylines reduce that nervous feeling of missing out as so many opportunities for a win are active in every game. Yet you still feel in control of your spending because you can vary the amount of the bet from a very small 1p to a bank-busting £50. Of course, your wins will also adjust accordingly, so it’s up to you to find the balance that works best for you.

And finally, with the added excitement of the 12 free spins that you can win from getting all three sacred lotus flowers, the Thai flower slot is a game that is sure to have you coming back time and time again.