The Lord of the Rings is one of the most successful and influential fantasy series of all time. The original books have been translated into hundreds of languages and inspired Peter Jackson’s movie series. Ladbrokes Casino has created a “Lord of the Rings” slot machine that lives up to the fantasy excitement and thrills of the books and movies.

Online slot machines usually feature simple gameplay designed to attract many players. Lord of the Rings is no different. It’s mouse based control interface allows players to set their bets and the number of reels they bet on in the game. Players can also role individual games or can select “Automatic Play.” This option lets players leave their computer as the game rolls automatically.

Other features include the addiction of bonus “Ring Scatters” tiles. If three of these land on the board, the player is rewarded with free spins, bonus cash and multipliers. The ring stealing character “Gollum” also makes an appearance. He rewards the player whenever he appears.

Ladbrokes Casino puts a lot of effort into creating games with high quality graphics and sound. “Lord of the Rings” features High Definition cut scenes drawn directly from the movie. Fans will appreciate seeing Bilbo, Legolas and other characters acting out their favourite scenes from the movie. The in-game graphics are highly stylised to represent the world of “Lord of the Rings” as accurately as possible.

The sound design for the game is also uniformly excellent. The spins sound smooth and accurate while the “Win” theme is appropriately epic sounding. Music featured directly from the game, as well as voice overs from the actors round out a great sound design.

Lord of the Rings slot features four different progressive jackpots. These jackpots increase in value between each round. The lower jackpots have a higher chance of payoff. “Bronze” is the lowest jackpot and it starts at £10.00. The next highest is “Silver” which starts at £100.00. “Gold” is next and it jumps up considerably from “Silver” to a staggering £10,000.00. Finally, the hard to win “Mithril” jackpot is a life changing £1 000 000.00.

Each of these jackpots is likely to be what brings players back to this game again and again. However, the gameplay and presentation are flawless and will be the hook for any fan of the “Lord of the Rings” book and movie series.