The lack of action on the online scratch card front is still continuing at Bet365, but there have been other games released recently to keep their loyal players happy. One new slot game that grabbed our attention is the 3D Legend of Olympus game. If you like Greek Mythology, you’ll absolutely love this game! It is based on the epic battle between the two brothers and it is your job to help Zeus defeat Hades. This war will decide the fate of the world.

This game is very well designed and you can tell a lot has gone into creating high definition graphics and 3D effects. The level of detail is very impressive and its quality is obvious at first glance. The amazing aesthetic is complemented perfectly by a fitting sound track and various effects including war cries, bow and arrows and festive drinking. The game is packed full of animations which really help involve you in the game. You can see Zeus watching from high in the bright sky, offering encouragement and support. In the other corner of the screen, you can see Hades and his fiery depths of hell.

The game features the standard five reel setup and pays out on up to 20 pay lines. It is possible to win up to £25,000 in a one line bet. Players have a high level of control, being able to bet as low as £0.10 and as high as £100 on a single spin/line. You will enjoy the featured animations of Zeus and Hades every time they appear in winning combinations. If you manage to get cups of wine on a bet line, you will see an animated Dionysius glugging away at a goblet.

If you are lucky enough to get five bonus game symbols, you will be taken into the underworld. When you get there, you must pay two gold coins to the ferryman for him to take you to the other side of the river Styx. Three golden spinning coins will then appear. Click on them and if you manage to get two golden coins, you will be granted access to a dark road in which you will find golden chests full of riches. If you get three Zeus symbols, you will see him rise to heaven, throwing lightning bolts at Hades and this will trigger a round of ten free spins.