Slot Machines

The very first slot machine was made in the late 1800s, way back then things were very different. These early machines were very big cumbersome mechanical devices. They became widely known as “One Arm Bandits” due to the huge mechanical arm that needed to be pulled to make the reels spin. Or it could be that it looked like it had one arm and stole all of your money. But there is no doubt of their popularity, it was not long before you would see slot machines everywhere.

However, there have been huge advances in the technology available. So the slot machine has gone through many changes over the years. By the early sixties, the huge mechanical pull arm started to be phased out by the rise of electromechanical machines. Then roughly a decade later, the new dawn of arcade coin-op machines allowed the advancement to video slots. These fully automated screen machines became the pre-cursor to the online slots machines that we are familiar with today.

So here is our breakdown of the different types of slot machine. From the early machines right through to the new online multi-line payout slots with huge progressive jackpots that you can play anywhere at any time on your mobile device.

The Liberty Bell – The Three Wheel Slot

The Liberty Bell was the very first mechanical slot machine. Given this name because the biggest payout was given when achieving three bells in a row (the single pay line). The three-wheel slot is the most basic of all slots. Simply pull the lever and wait for the reels to stop and if they match you win. Now, the three-wheel slot may be basic but it is still very popular today. You can still find a great selection of one arm bandits in casinos. But more importantly, the simplicity of the game makes it much more appealing for beginners.

Multi Payline Slot

Traditionally the pay line consisted of one horizontal line in the middle of the reels. So if the three reels stopped with matching items across that line – you win. However, the Multi pay line takes it to the next stage. Now you can choose a huge number of pay lines that can be up, down, horizontal, zig zags or virtually any shape possible. Today’s machines can offer around thirty pay lines, meaning you really have to keep your wits about you. Generally, people who play progressive jackpots try to play as many pay lines as they can afford. But be careful, because whilst it does increase the chances of you winning, it also takes a lot more money from you if you don’t win.

Video Slots

In the 1970s anything digital was huge. We all amazed at the first digital watches and when Space Invaders appeared the world was changed forever. So it was inevitable that slots would move with the times and the video slot was created.  This technology gave endless opportunities to the game creators, making more complex games to keep the punters happy. There were even two-screen slots created in 1994 making the machines even more advanced.

3D Slots

Much the same as coin-operated arcade machines. The advances in graphics allowed the designers to take the games to the next level. The days of Space Invaders and Atari consoles were over. Replaced with increasingly realistic graphics that had to be applied to the slot machine too. What this meant, was that we now had a selection of themed slots. Every single blockbuster movie now has its own slot machine. In fact, there seems to be a 3d slot machine for any kind of interest available. Pretty much all of these machines offer such variation in wage amounts and pay lines that they are suitable for everyone and the choice is endless. Just check out our slot reviews to see the wide variety available.

Progressive Jackpots

It’s fair to say that pretty much everyone is now connected online and making the internet an integral part of their everyday life. So with the dawn of Video and 3d slots, it was only a matter of time before these games would be provided by regulated companies to the masses. The result of this meant that hundreds of people could be playing the same game on their own devices. But the technology allowed the winnings to grow with a huge number of players.  This is the Progressive jackpot, basically pooling a mass lottery for one lucky winner to walk away with. We all like to dream big, so when the jackpots can be millions of pounds the progressive jackpot is very popular.

Bonus Slots

There is nothing very complicated to the idea of Bonus Slots. Think of it just like an additional chance of winning. But not winning additional cash, instead, it is an option to win more spins. This keeps you playing longer and does not affect your real winning pot at all.

High Limit Slots

Well, we are familiar with the casino term “High Roller”. Let’s say high limit slots is very similar. Simply put, you will be placing high stakes, which will give you much higher winnings if you win. Some of these games will be in their own area within a casino. But a clear benefit is that normally, High limit games have a bigger payout percentage. However, if you don’t see yourself as a high roller or you don’t have the funds it is best to give these a miss as the more you put in the more you can lose.

How to win on Slot Machines

All in all, slots are as popular now as they have ever been. You can still find them in your local pub and the big casinos have huge rows of slots ready for you to jump onto. But ever since the smartphone was invented, you can now play anywhere you like as long as you have an internet connection.

So what this means, is that there is stiff competition out there from the online casinos. It’s fair to say that some are better than others, but we only promote the most reputable providers. So take a look through the reviews of the best casinos and pick up a great Welcome Bonus at the same time.