Jackpot Joy Slots Bonuses


The weathermen have been busy planning to try and make our weekend even worse. Not only do they pelt us with wind and rain all through spring, summer and autumn, but now they want to cover with us with snow and make us really cold – shame on them! Thankfully there is a very real cure to weathermen, and a cure that will ensure you don’t need to fret over the weather again. All you need to do is park yourself over at Jackpot Joy and treat yourself to wonderful online scratch cards. JackpotJoy have an impressive selection of online scratch cards and you will be impressed by what they have to offer.

Jackpot Joy is a site that loves variety, hence why they also love their online slot games. The organisers at the site have planned a special promotion that fits well with the bleak winter weather that the weathermen have forecasted. Style Your Snowman gives players the opportunity to wager on slot games to try and bag cash bonuses! You could spend these lovely cash bonuses on special treats, such as sweets or lots of hot chocolate to keep you warm while playing online scratch cards beside your computer.

On Monday 21 January you can hit the wagering requirement for Jungle Jump Slots and you will be rewarded with a £1 cash bonus for doing so. The next time that you can enter for a bonus will be on Wednesday 23 January when the featured game becomes Tiki Island Slots. Again you need to meet a wagering requirement of £20 to trigger the release of a £1 cash bonus. You won’t have to wait long for these cash bonuses because Jackpot Joy will release them the following evening just before 5pm.

While we have your attention we thought it would be an idea to tell you that the Wonderland Jackpot Jamboree STILL hasn’t ended. This is tremendous news because this progressive jackpot has soared above £1 million. Get wagering on Wonderland slots and meet the wagering requirement of £20 to enter the Jamboree. If someone wins the pot within 24 hours of your wagering then you will bag a share of £40,000 – not bad for a few spins! Jackpot Joy have been trying to encourage players to win the pot since the autumn – it’s only a matter of time. As ever Jackpot Joy are letting newbies snap up their deposit £10 play with £35 deal!