Great news for Paddy Power Casino players, the online casino provider has just launched their latest game, the utterly superb Sherlock Mystery slot game.

Riding on the success of the hit TV show and movies, this interesting slot game harkens back to the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Featuring five reels and 20 paylines to play across this fantastic game has all the flair of the super sleuth himself, although minus the danger of being murdered.

The games design and style is just utterly fantastic, it has this retro Victorian style to it as the various buttons and reels are coloured in a light brown colour, as if you would expect to find it wrapped within an old book from the 1800’s.

The game features the usual selection of Wilds and Scatters to keep you entertained with some added variety.

The Wilds are represented by a sinister looking figure; these symbols will also serve to substitute for all the other symbols in your winning combinations, apart from the Scatter or bonuses.

The bonuses are broken down into the free spins which are activated by landing three or more of the iconic ‘221b Baker Street’ address signs on the reels.

After unlocking this bonus you’ll be given ten free spins and an extra Wild on the reels for an added cash reward.

A nice addition to this game is that if you land a Sherlock symbol next to a Watson symbol you’ll be rewarded with a 3x multiplier on your original wager.

But perhaps the best bonus comes when you land a Crime scene bonus symbol anywhere on the first, third and fifth reels.

This interesting bonus round has you searching around a murder scene for clues, there’s eight pieces of evidence in total in the crime scene and underneath each one is a random cash prize.

You can continually search the scene, gaining cash prizes for each item you decide to search through. But once you uncover the ‘collect’ symbol the round will instantly end and all the cash you’ve collected will instantly be applied to your account.

Overall the Sherlock Mystery slot game is an absolutely brilliant title that succeeds as both a great service to fans of Sherlock and an incredibly fun slot game that you’re guaranteed to be playing for hours.

So dig out your magnifying glass and start solving those crimes.