For years, scratch off lottery cards have provided those with a taste for adventure with an easy, low cost, game that offered instantaneous rewards. In casinos, slot machines are often used to fill the same niche of entertainment. With those thoughts in mind, the Scratch and Spin game from Ladbrokes Casino is a natural extension of both classic games.

The Scratch and Spin game takes place at the Lucky Newsagent store, where a smiling salesman eagerly awaits your business. The right side of your screen shows the values of various combinations, and the center houses the 3 reels in the game. Once you spin, the newspapers, located underneath each of the reels, change into the hold buttons. Holding allows you to lock the corresponding reel for the next spin. Wins in the slot section of the game are only the beginning; they earn you entrance to the Lucky Newsagent. Once inside, the player is allowed to choose any of the six unique scratch off cards. The scratch off cards each have different themes, such as football, the lights of Las Vegas, and aliens. The amount of scratch off tickets the player is allowed to play is determined by what you spun in the slots portion of the game. The winnings from the scratch off cards are what determine how much cash you earn, but, be warned, just like in real life, the value of the scratch off cards will range from nothing to the jackpot.

Scratch off cards and Slot machines have always been a fun option, with a small price tag, and the Scratch and Spin game stays true to this aspect. The stakes starts as low as £0.10 pounds per spin, but can be raised, by the player, to as high as £10 pounds with each spin. For players more concerned about the winnings than the stake, Scratch and Spin has a jackpot of up to £5,000 pounds.

If you are looking for a way to play the slots and the lottery, all without leaving your home, Scratch and Spin by Ladbrokes Casino is, easily, one of the most enjoyable, and profitable, experiences available.