Brought all the way from futuristic dystopian Delta City to police the mean streets comes Robocop, a brand new slot machine from Paddy Power Games, Robocop is an awesome slot for you which features a unique Delta City jackpot, which is your own personal progressive jackpot! And as Bixby says “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

A twist on the usual fruit machines, Robocop is a slot casino game where you bet on the outcome of five spinning reels. Match three or more symbols (or icons) on a win line to win a payout. And of course, payouts increase depending on the number of matching symbols you have.

Robocop is a 20-line slot game that may present 20 winning combinations of five symbols across its five reels. Look out for the Prime Directive which is the Wild Symbol that will substitute any standard symbol. And when the Prime Directive Wild symbol appears anywhere in the middle reel, the Prime Directive bonus game is triggered.

The unique twist to this game is that you create your own progressive jackpot as you go. When the Jackpot Increaser symbol appears your potential jackpot increases. Ans to win the jackpot you just need to get 5 Delta City Jackpots appear on a win line!

I am going to finish up now so you’ll have to “Excuse me, I have to go. Somewhere there is a crime happening.”