Online Gambling

Online gambling has become increasingly more popular every year, and it could very soon be the case that traditional gambling methods will become a thing of the past. Online scratch cards, slots and bingo are all much more easily accessible to people, which has created a new trend amongst a younger audience.

New Platform

This does not mean that gambling in the traditional sense is declining. If anything, moving to an online platform has created a far bigger commercial opportunity. Recent reports have shown that out of the 2.4 gamblers in the UK, 700,000 of them are between the ages of 18 and 25. With social media and all kinds of businesses using the internet to sell and market their products/services, it is no surprise that the public are latching on to the concept of playing online games for real money.

Smartphone Capability

Smartphones definitely play their part in the rise of online gambling. Because of these, people can now access their favourite online scratchcards and bingo games wherever they want. When you think about the opportunities a person has in one day to use their smartphone to play games, it definitely holds a huge amount of appeal. Currently there are many games apps that give people the chance to network socially with one another, while competing in a friendly round, which is an avenue also travelled by online gambling websites. People can now chat to one another while they play and the whole process becomes less about gambling real cash and more about entertainment with friends. Officials have commented on the social dynamic of online gambling, “Thanks to the growth of social technologies, the social aspects of gambling have not been lost in its transition to the online world. Players can easily chat to one another while playing.”

Gambling Growth

The list of online gambling websites continues to grow and it currently stands at over 250. This industry makes around £600 million per year and also continues to increase annually. Being able to access a gambling website when you are traveling home from work, or on your break, will definitely play its part in this huge success; as does the mountain of opportunity provided by these sites when people join them. If you go to any online gambling website, you will see matching credit bonuses when you sign up, promotions and large jackpot prizes. Being in the position to offer such incentives is something you can really only get online because websites do not cost nearly as much to run as bingo halls cost to maintain, and scratchcards cost to print, in their thousands.