We’ve all had times whilst playing slots when things aren’t going our way. Maybe you’re just not finding the big prizes you initially hoped for. Wouldn’t it be good if we had a great wizard who could help us bring home the bacon? Enter the Pig Wizard online slot game at Gala Casino.

This zany sorcerer will use his great powers to bring fortune to the 5 reels of this exciting slot game. All you have to do is venture inside his castle and see first-hand the magical potions which will steer you towards the jackpots.

The Pig Wizard slot game is a game which you simply cannot ignore. After all, how often do we see a pig wizard? Be honest, curiosity wins out. However, this game is more than just a pig in a wizard’s hat, it has some great features which make for a top prospect in earning a payout.

Let the magic at Gala Casino commence when you get the 5 reels moving. Players will need to find matching symbols on adjacent reels to land prizes. You could walk away from the eerie-looking castle a good bit wealthier. The symbols must line up against at least 1 of the 20 pay lines on the reels to award prizes. The prizes which will be earned by players will depend on the size of wagers and the value of the symbols which appear.

On the reels, there are various symbols which tie in with the comical theme of this unusual game. Players will obviously see Harry Trotter on the reels, alongside other symbols such as spell books, a wizard’s hat and more. There are also some very exciting features in the game which will help players win bigger returns. The Pig Wizard wild symbol has the handy power of being able to substitute for all other symbols in the game. He could also cast a spell upon the game and turn up to 4 reels into magic wilds. This means entire reels will be filled with wild symbols and may create winning combinations.

Lastly, the biggest attraction in the whole castle is the Pig Wizard bonus. This fortune quest will be activated when players find the 3 bonus symbols at the same time on the reels. It will then open up a scroll and players will see 4 different locations which they can explore.

The first location will be the Magic Mirrors Free Spins. This will then turn symbols into matching symbols if they are inside a mirror on the reels for the remainder of the spin. Next is the Trail of Magic, which will see players wander around a board to find random prizes. The Squeal or No Squeal bonus is also there, which will see players choose books to reveal random prizes.

Finally, players can find the Gold Jackpot, which will award the biggest prize in the game. If you are awarded the Gold Jackpot bonus you will also have another shot at playing one of the above bonus features again.