You are going to love the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ slot machine from jackpot joy, with great graphics including two animated characters named ‘Nuts’ and ‘Bolts’ to take you through this thoroughly enjoyable game. Nuts and Bolts takes place on a 3×5 grid, but unlike other Slots each window is a unique reel itself which means every spin will set 15 reels spinning for your wins.

Just click the Spin button and watch while Bolts, a slick spinning machine who’s destined to get you into the Winning Streak, will pull a lever and the factory spins into action!

Each time you spin you will automatically play all 25 paylines, though you can control size of your coin by using the + and – buttons. It is well worth remembering that as you’re playing with 25 lines, your chosen coin size will be multiplied by 25 for every spin.

The game has the usual host of features such as wild symbols and winning streaks and if you land a big win you reveal a celebration animation where Nuts could well blow a gasket and you’ll be treated to seeing what happens when a Robot really does lose his head! What part will Bolts choose as a replacement? You’ll just have to catch all the celebrations to see!

Wild Symbols
The Wild Symbol can substitute for any other symbol. And if you land five Wild, Nut’s or Bolt’s Symbols on a single win line you’ll win the highest payout in the game – x 300, but if you hit that across all 25 win lines you land an eye popping x 7,500.

A Winning Streak
Nuts and Bolts has a great feature with the Winning Streak – as you’ll see what happens when the Robots take over the slot machine!

If Bolts lands three winning symbols on a single win line, he’ll spark off a possible chain reaction of spins that works in similar way to a Free Spins feature – and keep an eye out for Nuts who’ll appear if your Winning Streak increases!

Your Winning Streak could continue for anything between one or several spins, and could produce multiple winning lines. Because Nuts and Bolts are in the driving seat of your winning streak all you should do is sit back and watch them rack up the wins for you.

And make sure you take the time to explore all the games as there’s a few fun features that you will need to keep your eyes peeled for…