Million Pound Drop is a lucrative slot game available on Paddy Power Games. For the slot aficionado, Drop is one of the most interesting takes on the classic online slots formula to come along in a while. For Million Pound Drop Live fans, the game is a great way to get your fix, and you don’t even have to spend any money because Paddy Power offers a completely free-to-play version of the game.

Paddy Power

Nearing its 25th anniversary, Paddy Power is the largest bookmaker in Europe, and it has one of the largest online presences in the industry. Online, Paddy Power isn’t just about gambling. Its site includes a full-featured arcade, and it offers almost all of its games in a free-to-play version.

Million Pound Drop Live

Million Pound Drop Live is a hugely successful British game show. Played by pairs of contestants, the concept of the show is to wager one million pounds on eight multiple-choice questions. Contestants do have to bet all of their money each round, but they can hedge their bets by wagering on multiple answers. This gives the game a degree of strategy beyond just a basic trivia setup.

The Game

The game uses a standard slot setup: 5 reels and 20 paylines. The minimum bet is £0.01 and the maximum is £500. The basic symbols are A, K, Q and J as well as cash bundles of various sizes and colors. The goal is to achieve a winning combination of those symbols. There is also a range of special symbols, which make the game fun and unique, and we’ll discuss them in more detail below.


Million Pound Drop is a Flash-based game. It’s not particularly demanding based on modern standards, but it will run sluggishly on older machines. To play, even free, you’ll need an account, but that account costs nothing and has no obligation.

Silver Bars — Wild

The silver bar symbol is the basic wild symbol, and it can take the place of any other symbol. Alongside four aces, the silver bard is another ace, and alongside three aces and a queen, it serves as another queen to form a full house.

Gold Bars — Exploding Wild

Gold bars behave like silver bars, but they also “explode.” When the board settles, the gold bar randomly selects four other non-wild symbols and turns them into wilds. This increases your win odds dramatically, and when you see a gold wild, it almost guarantees you’ll walk away with something.

Padlocks — Cash Catch Bonus Game

The padlock symbol kicks off the Cash Catch bonus game when it appears on reel 2, 3 and 4. Just like the TV show, the Cash Catch drops money bundles down a tube, and you need to catch them, which you do by clicking on them with the mouse. Each time you catch a bundle, you win free spins and multipliers.

Drop Symbols — Money Drop Bonus Game

The best feature of the game is the Money Drop, and you reach that bonus level by hitting a Money Drop symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. Like the TV show, the game is eight rounds and uses trapdoors, and your goal is to get through all eight rounds with as much money as possible.

Join the action in the Million Pound Drop slot at Paddy Power Games.