Gala, which used to be a purely bingo operator, has now extended its offering into the broader gambling arena.  You can now log in via your computer, tablet or mobile phone and play poker, bingo, slots and casino games at  The gambling operator has earned a reputation over the years for being a reliable source of online gaming entertainment.

In this article we are going to look at one of the new slots which has been added to their catalogue.  The thing which makes Gala Casino such a primary destination for online gaming is the games that they host.  As well as just sticking to the higher quality games out there, they have an extensive selection and update it on a continuous basis. This means that players are never going to find themselves short for something fresh to play.

As the name suggests the slot game is set in Venice, near the San Marco Cathedral.  It has a beautiful design, with a stunning view of the quaint Italian city in the background.  You can see some of the breathtaking Venetian architecture and a gondola floating beneath a red night sky.  On the reels, you’ll notice a number of symbols which are more in tune with the masque aspect of the slot.  As well as a variety of masques, you’ll see moons, stars and sun.

The game is designed with five reel setup and pays out on 40 different paylines. This is a setting which cannot be altered, making for a simple and enjoyable slot experience.  The betting system could not be more simple, with a single ‘Line Bet’ option which can be set at anything from £1 to £10. This means that the minimum bet amount in this game is 40 x £1  = £40, which is higher than some people’s budgets and would definitely be more suited to the high rollers amongst you.

The game features the innovative Avalanche technology, which means that the symbols fall from the top of the screen.  If you manage to get a winning combination after a spin, those symbols will disappear, making room for more symbols to fill their place and creating the opportunity for even bigger wins!

You really can’t go wrong with Gala Casino. We strongly recommend heading there for all of your online scratch card, slot and casino gaming entertainment.