It seems fair to say that if you are going to have a popular online game, it needs to be on Facebook. It is a site used by millions and millions of people across the world and is an excellent way for companies to publish their latest products.

This is the way American search engine firm Lycos Incorporated have gone with the launch of new Pirate Cove Bingo game of Facebook, making it available to users of the site that like to browse the latest Online Casino Site.

Part of the gaming site, the new game allows Facebook users to play for real cash if they choose to, even though it is free to join.

Explaining the game a little further, it beings by giving players an unlimited supply of white and gold bingo cards.

Then, every time a participant bingos on a white card, they increase the amount of money in their treasure chest. There is even more incentive to winning on a gold card as this automatically enters you into a $25 sweepstake, which takes place every single day.

Referring to the launch of this new game, Lycos Chief Executive Jungwook Lim said: “This game incorporates everything our customers love; friends, entertainment and bonus cash prizes; with a unique look and fun theme that keeps them coming back for more.”

This will of course aim to be one of the Best Casino Games () around, something there is of course plenty of competition for.