Howdy partner, what’s a tender foot like you doing in these parts? OK that’s enough of the cowboy talk for now! Growing up as kids we’d all love to play ‘Cowboys and Indians’, Saturday morning TV would always start with a double episode of the Lone Ranger, after watching the masked Texas Ranger give the baddies another beating we’d run down the street shouting ‘Hi-Yo Silver and away!’.

With the popularity of the Lone Ranger character it’s not surprising that the Masked Hero of the West has been turned into a slot machine by Ladbrokes Games. Essentially the Lone Ranger slot is a 5 reel, 20 win line game. There is also a big progressive jackpot and free spins saloon. Often these themed slots aren’t much to write home about but I really enjoyed playing the Lone Ranger slot machine.

The key to making slot games exciting for the player is the mix of bonus rounds, pay-outs and graphics. Get the mix right and you’ll have a hit game on your hands. I can happily report that Lone Ranger hits the mark on all these counts. First up you have the impressive graphics, the game has a visual style similar to those fantastic comics and annuals from the 1950s, along with a sound track which adds tension without getting annoying.

The bonus and feature rounds but this slot way ahead of most other games online. The Tin Can Alley Pick A Win Bonus is initiated by getting 3 or more Tin Can Alley symbols in view. Shoot a Tin can to reveal a winning multiplier that will multiply your total stake. The Sharp Shooter Target Practice Bonus also provides a lot of fun, shoot a target to reveal a multiplier value which is added to the Winnings display. Keep shooting until your six shooter runs out of ammo! Once out of bullets you’ll get a chance to ‘reload’ and keep winning.

The Lone Ranger slot machine is available to play online at Ladbrokes Games. If you want to try your arm at this classy slot then you can get a free £5 welcome bonus from Ladbrokes Games. It’s worth remember that Lone Ranger has a progressive jackpot worth around £250,000… Hi-Yo Silver and away!