For a light sleeper, a barking dog in the middle of the night can be a terrible disruption, one that can set the entire day awry. But for one Scotsman, a noisy canine not only made his night, it made the rest of his life too. By waking him, it sent him on an online adventure that resulted in a £5.1 million jackpot.

The winner, who chooses to remain anonymous, initially tried to fall back to sleep, but all he could do was toss and turn. So he got up, turned on the computer, and navigated to his favorite online casino.

He loves slot machines. So he picked one that seemed lucky, and then bet just a £1. It was enough, however, since he spun and won, and then spun and won again. Being superstitious, he then moved to a new machine. He spun and won, and spun and won again. Within just a few minutes, he had converted £1 to £250.

For most, that would’ve been enough to forget the dog and go back to sleep. This person, however, wasn’t satisfied, so he moved onto a new machine, this time Life’s a Beach, which is one of the most popular and lucrative slot machines at UK-based sites like Paddy Power.

On Life’s a Beach, the winner bet and spun six times in all. The sixth time was the charm as he hit the jackpot, which was worth £5.1 million. It’s the largest online slots jackpot in the history of the UK, and the third largest slots jackpot won online in the entire world.

The best part of this story is that the winner is a hardworking twenty-something who lives in a modest home in Ayrshire. Now, he has the resources to do whatever his heart desires.

A day after winning, the casino flew the new millionaire by private jet to meet the founder of the casino and present the check. Originally, the plan was to have a press conference; this was great opportunity for publicity. But the casino understood and respected the winner’s request for privacy.

It all started with a barking dog, but after winning the £5.1 million, that was what kept him awake.

Stories like this are inspiration to us all. We can get lucky too. You don’t have to be an expert gambler to be the world’s next big jackpot winner.

So the next time you can’t sleep, navigate to Paddy Power Casino, and spend a dollar or two playing Life’s a Beach or any of the other many great slot machines. You never know: You just might strike it rich.