Are you a fan of exciting games that make you think? If so, then you probably love Jenga. If you have not yet played Jenga for yourself, then you really should give it a try. Essentially, Jenga is fun game where blocks are stacked on top of each other in groups of three. Players take turns trying to pull blocks out from the tower without allowing it to knock over. Each time a block is drawn from the center of the tower, it must be placed at the top of the tower to keep it growing. The first person to knock the tower loses!

Jenga has been around as a popular game for decades, bringing friends and family to gather around tables and try to build their wooden Jenga towers as high as they can before it tips over.

This is just one of many games that you can play online and for cash at the Paddy Power Games. And at this website, you can actually get rewarded for knocking down the tower, which results in double the fun. In their online version of Jenga, you can even try to match up the colors of the blocks within the tower in order to increase your cash winnings.

In terms of the jackpots that are available for this game, each player can bet anywhere from 0.05 to 20 units on each win line. From there, the player can choose how many spins they would like to play before beginning the game. In this particular game, there are even added Bonus Blocks that build up as players accumulate winning combinations with blocks of the same color. The maximum payout for this game as a whole is 50,000 coins, and wins are multiplied by the bet amount per each line.

Another fun part about this version of Jenga is that there is even a free Tower Collapse feature that all members can play if they collect at least 30 bonus blocks throughout their game. Once the tower eventually falls over, the player will win a free game and can continue to do this as much as they would like; there is no limit to the amount.

So for those who love playing the popular Jenga game in person, this is something to check out online. After all, you can have fun and possibly even win a jackpot of money in the process.