There are currently five Jackpot Joy Progressive Slots machines games that are running the top of the list for prize money.

Red or Black – This is a simple game of simple red or black. It is a game that provides plenty of way to win. It is possible for one to multiple his or her winnings by up to ten times if they land on enough red or black colors. There is also a fortune cookie bonus game that is featured in this one. The current progressive jackpot on this one is £53,892.

Wonderland – This game currently has the same progressive jackpot as the Red or Black game at £53,892. The features for this game are very exciting. There are up to 100 lines worth of play available on this game. It is a mystical game where one can win money while enjoying a great story line as well.

Sapphire – The jackpots are building higher and higher up the list. This game has a progressive jackpot of £65,077. That is a nice jump from the games before it. This is a bingo featured game. This is the perfect fruit machine game for anyone who loves to play bingo. It has all of the exciting lines that you would expect in a fruit machine with many of the exciting features from any bingo room as well.

Bejeweled Bingo – Another bingo featured fruit machine, this game allows players to purchase tickets to a bingo game as normal. It is also possible to win free tickets to the bingo game if you enter enough tickets. There is some £2,500 that must be given away in this game every single day, so there are some pretty good odds to win something decent when playing this game. The current running jackpot overall in this one is £80,498.

Deal or No Deal – The popular game show that got started in America is now a progressive fruity. This game features a challenge of weighing risk versus reward. Those who play it are going to have to figure out how much they are willing to risk in order to gain a show at getting a better reward. The progressive pot on this one is currently £95,263.