“Iron Man 2” was a huge success that furthered the story of Tony Stark and his power armor. Many types of promotional merchandizing was released to promote the film and to capitalize on its success. Toys, comic books and video games were released before, during and after the movie’s run at the box office. One of the lesser known promotional items was the “Iron Man 2” online slot machine game at Paddy Power Casino. This simple game features solid graphics and sound, fun slot game play action as well as the chance to actually win (and lose) real money in a gambling environment.

Two of the best aspects of the game are the truly solid graphics and sound. Naturally, they cannot compete with the biggest names on the market. But real care and attention was obviously paid to many different aspects of the graphics. Images of the actors from the movie are replicated very nicely. They are not photo realistic but have a pleasing cartoonish look that catches the eyes. Various images of “Iron Man” and “War Machine” are also included. The buttons of the machine include simple to read fonts and easy to understand.

The sound features sound effects from the movie that are rendered nicely. The sounds of the machine spinning and the “winning” sounds are all nice and not grating. One problem with a game of this type is that the sounds of the machine may sound too unrealistic, which can cause them to be grating. Luckily, this game avoids that by using sparse sound effects that are easy on the ears. The game works to create a visually and aurally pleasing atmosphere that draws in the player and makes them feel like they are actually at a casino.

Another nice feature of the game is the “Free to Try” option. Players that are unsure about sinking money into the game are given 1,500 fake pounds to play with until they run out. Running out means you have to restart the game or sink your own funds into the game. This is a nice option as it lets players try out the game without investing anything. It also works as a nice promotion for the website as they can hook players into the game.

The game play is very solid. Players can choose how much money they want to bet per line and how much they want to bet each turn. They can then either hit “Spin” or “Bet Max” to start the spinning. There are five wheels with 25 different lines. Players can also earn “Power Ups” which function as multipliers. Players activate multipliers for a limited number of spins. This adds a little extra spice to the basic game play.

And this extra spice creates a pretty addictive game that can be hard to quit playing. Although it may not win any awards for innovative gaming ideas, it offers enough basic spins to make it worth checking out at the Paddy Power Casino website.