Hellboy started life as an incredible dark comic book world featuring a protagonist born from hell. The comics lead to a highly successful series of movies. Ladbrokes Casino has released a great online slot game that exists within this dark universe. It features easy to understand gameplay, great visual and audio presentations, a fun bonus game, a nice jackpot and even a great promotion for new players.

Hellboy features a simple mouse driven interface. Players choose bet levels as well as line levels before clicking on “Play.” Players can also choose “Bet Max” which automatically bets as many coins as possible and spins the reels. “Autoplay” mode lets players set up a pre-determined number of automatic roles. Bet amounts are set at a pre-determined level as well.

Beyond the initial gameplay, Hellboy also offers a simple, but fun bonus game. Players travel underground with Hellboy in search of “The Relic of Power.” They must avoid closed doors and other obstacles in their fight to find as much bonus cash as possible. This bonus game is a no-risk chance to make extra cash.

Fans of Hellboy will love the presentation of this game. All of the graphics are perfectly designed to reflect the stylised design of the Hellboy world. Players will find themselves quickly immersed in the dark and moody game world.

The sounds and graphics are just as solid as the visual presentation. Actual clips from the movie are played, including quotes from Hellboy himself. Music drawn from the movie plays during the game, completing the effect. Fans of the series will greatly appreciate the effort that went into recreating the Hellboy universe.

Hellboy offers a jackpot of up to £25,000 in the basic game. Players can win this amount even on “Free Spin” games. Winnings during the bonus game max out at £8,400. Players win this money by matching a full line of Jackpot spots in any single line.

New players to Ladbrokes Casino are offered the “Welcome Bonus.” This bonus is for new players only and can be activated only once. Ladbrokes will match any deposit over £5 and up to £500 to double the new players cash level. This bonus is available on all Ladbrokes Casino games. It’s a great way to say “thank you” to new players and to get them interested and engaged in playing the games.