Established in 1988, Paddy Power Casino is one of the largest gambling operations in the UK, and it has an extremely popular presence on the Internet. One of the main reasons why Paddy Power has been so successful online is that they cater to the gamer as well as the gambler. One way they do that is by offering most of their games, particularly the slot machines, in a free-to-play mode.

One of Paddy Power Casino’s most popular slot machines that offers both pay-for and free-to-play mode is Gladiator, which uses a theme based on the Oscar award-winning movie by Ridley Scott starring Russell Crowe. Gladiator uses images, video, music and sound effects directly from the movie, which makes it an extremely charming experience for anyone who is a Gladiator fan.

Users don’t have to be a fan or have even seen the movie to enjoy Gladiator slots, however. The theme might grab your attention, but it’s the unique gameplay and the lucrative odds that’ll keep you coming back. Gladiator is a 5-reel, 25-line slots machine with a coin range from $0.02 to $25.00. Bettors can wager up to 10 coins per line, which allows for a whopping $6,250 per spin.

In addition to the standard 9, 10, J, K, Q and A symbols, the Gladiator symbol set includes images of Proximo, Juba, Gracchus, Lucilla and Commodus. Unfortunately, there’s no Maximus, likely due to licensing costs. There is also a helmet, which serves as the wild, and the coliseum, which serves as the scatter symbol. Gladiator has auto-spin, free spins, a gamble feature and two bonus games.

The top jackpot is 5,000 coins or $1.25M, which the game awards on five Commodus symbols. The second-tier jackpot, awarded for five Lucilla symbols, is 1,000 coins or $250K, and the third-tier jackpot, awarded for four Commodus symbols, is 500 coins or $125K.

The wild symbol appears on the second, third and fourth reel, and it can substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol. So four Commodus symbols and one helmet will win you the high jackpot. The scatter symbol allows you to achieve a scatter win, which is as much as 100 coins times the current wager. In addition, three scatters launch the coliseum bonus game.

The bonus game gives the player an opportunity to win up to 22 free spins. It’s a rather simple chance-based game where the user turns stones in order to reveal hidden prizes and multipliers. Despite its simplicity, the bonus game is quite exciting because it hits often and always pays out quite well.

The other bonus feature is the Gladiator bonus, which activates whenever the player hits three helmets, one each on reels two, three and four. This isn’t really a game. It simply starts, and then nine helmets appear on screen one after the other. Each helmet has a prize associated with it, and the users wins all nine prizes. This bonus doesn’t hit often, but the user always makes out well when it does.

The fact that after all these years Gladiator is still one of the most popular slot machines online speaks for itself. This machine is a lot of fun, and it includes a lot of diversity, which is why it’s so popular among those who play the free-to-play version. For those who like to gamble on their slots, Gladiator has staying power because it’s fast-paced, has a high coin limit and pays out exceptionally well. So take a look on Paddy Power Games and see for yourself!