If you like playing with cats then we have a fun slot game that you’re going to love playing for hours on end. The Cats slot, available on Gala Casino, is a fantastic slot game that puts players down in the deadly and dangerous African Savannah.

A roasting hot sun rolls overhead and you can almost feel the rays of it beating down on your head. In the background, there’s dead grass that’s almost twice the height of you and it seems to hint that the games deadly felines are hiding just out of site amongst this tall brush.

The reels themselves are also well designed as they’re filled to the brim with various deadly cats like Panthers, Leopards, Lions, Tigers and Cougars that could tear you apart in seconds if they were real. It’s a choice of style that all works together really well to immerse you deep in the heart of Africa.

Aside from its design, this slot has a familiar layout that anyone’s whose experienced slot games will instantly feel at home with. You’re given five reels to spin and within those you have 30 paylines to try and land combinations on.

You also have full control over this game as you can switch out what the size of your stake is on each spin and you can even tweak the number of paylines used in each turn of the reels.

To keep things interesting, this slot also introduces some fun bonus features that you can try out to land yourself some extra cash. For example, you may encounter Wilds. These will substitute for other items in your combos to create extra ways to win and they will also double your return. So it can be quite lucrative to hit a few of these in your paylines.

Aside from this fun feature there’s also a free spin bonus that can really land you some massive payouts if you’re lucky enough. To unlock the free spin bonus you will need to land a minimum of three paw print Scatters on the reels and when it unlocks you will be given either five free spins or 10 depending on the number of Scatters were used to launch it. To maximise the potential of this bonus, you should try and launch it with all five Scatter symbols on the reels.

A great thing about the free spin bonus is that the Wilds also appear in it, so you have the potential to double all of your return through several free spins.

The Cats slot game is a fantastic game to play, it has an incredibly immersive and slick design and its free spin bonus can be quite lucrative if you get all 10 spins to trigger when you’re playing with this slot. It’s a game that comes with a recommendation, so you really should check it out if you ever get the chance to.