Double Bubble from Jackpot Joy is one of the freshest and most exciting new slot machines online. It’s essentially a classic slots machine, fruit symbols and all, but unique twists include bubble upgrades for all symbols and a number of excellent bonuses, such as a bubble bonus game and a bubble line second-win area. It does lack some common features, like free spins and gamble, but it makes up for that with the overall lucrativeness of the machine. is the star offering from the Gamesys Group. Gamesys is a relatively new UK-based technology company that has made an immediate impact in the online gambling industry. Gamesys’ slot games are unique, innovative, available in free and pay modes, and run smoothly in the browser even on somewhat outdated machines. Jackpot Joy does require an account to play free, but that’s free too and there’s no obligation.

Jackpot Joy offers a wide range of slots, but Double Bubble is by far one of the most popular. It’s fast, fun and it provides a lot of diversity without being overly complex. It’s also quite lucrative. It doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, but the ultimate jackpot is £1.6M, and that’s available via a £80 wager, which is a tremendous payout. The best odds are available at £80, but if you prefer to play in smaller amounts, the payout schedule scales fairly.

Double Bubble has five reels and twenty lines. Players can bet one coin per line, and they can bet one or all lines. The coin range is 1p to £4, so the bets range from 1p to £80. Players can cover all the pay lines with just 20p, and the game plays out reasonably well at £1, which makes it a good option for the casual player. For the hardcore player, there is auto-play and adjustable game speed in addition to that £1.6M ultimate jackpot.

Double Bubble also offers a wild symbol, a bonus symbol and a special bonus symbol. The special bonus symbol is a bubble outline that can surround any other symbol. The game copies these special symbols into the bonus line area. If the player hits five of them, and those five create a winning combination, the game multiplies all winnings for that round by a multiplier. The multiplier is equal to 2x plus 1x for each pay line bet. The max multiplier is 22x.

The regular bonus symbol launches a bonus game when it hits on the first, third and fifth lines. It doesn’t matter whether the player actually bet on those lines. The bonus game simply presents three bubbles to the player, and asks them to pick one; it does that five times. Each bubble hides a multiplier, and the max multiplier for the bonus round is equal to 22x. The bonus game pays out based on the wager. So if a player wagered £80 and hit the max 22x multiplier, the game would pay out £1,760 in addition to all other winnings.

We would like to see Jackpot Joy add free spins to Double Bubble. We’d also like a progressive jackpot, but since it’s a proprietary machine, that’s not going to happen. Despite these two minor gripes, Double Bubble is an impressive game, and one of the best new machines we’ve tried. It’s fun enough to play in free mode, and it’s diverse enough to be a strong option for both casual and hardcore slot machine gamblers.