Ladbrokes Games are proud to unveil their latest game, the Countdown slot machine game.

Based on the hit TV show of the same name, the Countdown slot is the latest in a long line of incredibly successful online fruit machines from Ladbrokes Games.

This incredible game features five reels and a generous twenty pay lines to win with. Countdown is open to all players regardless of budget, wagers can be set as low as one pence or as high as £25

There’s also the standard addition of Scatter symbols and Wilds but the Wilds here can, if played right, land you up to 5,000x your original wager.

And of course there are the creative features that can exponentially increase your returns whilst playing this game.

First off on the list of fun features is the letters bonus round. Getting three 3x letter bonus symbols on the reels at once will trigger the bonus round.

Like the TV show, nine random letters are displayed and players have to create a word with more letters than their opponent. You have five chances to win a prize whilst this bonus mode is active.

Next is the numbers bonus round which is activated by getting three of the 3x Number Bonus symbols on the reels.

Players are presented with 28 cards, of which they need to pick just six. At which point the game uses the six cards, forms an equation and reveals a random number of free spins and a variety of multiplier amounts.

The other bonus modes are also activated during this bonus and their subsequent awards are tallied up along with whatever multiplier Bonus you’ve been awarded.

The final fascinating feature is the Countdown conundrum bonus. This round is triggered by hitting three 3x Conundrum Bonus symbol on the reels.

Like the infamous final round of the show, it involves an incomplete “COUNTDOWN” being shown and players having to spin a wheel with the remaining letters on it in an attempt to fill in the missing letters.

For every spin a letter is added to the incomplete word. But the wheel can only be spun five times so hope you manage to get all those letters back in for the maximum award.

For every letter added, the payout is increased to the next level.

The overall pay-out is multiplied by the original bet plus any additional multipliers that are triggered whilst the bonus is active.

So sign up now and start counting down to your own jackpot.