We’re all familiar with the mythical city of Atlantis, an ancient civilisation that disappeared beneath the waves and was never seen again. There’s been plenty of things based on this myth from books to films and now there’s a fun slot game based on this mythical city of Atlantis.

The Atlantis Treasure slot game is a fun and highly entertaining jaunt into the mythos of Atlantis and it blends together unique gameplay with a brilliant design that will serve to feed your curiosity about the lost city.

The design is perhaps a standout feature of this slot game, set deep beneath the ocean waves, everything on the reels are either made from gold or have a golden embossing to them to keep with the treasure theme. There’s also a steady stream of bubbles that separate each reel and add to the immersion of being deep beneath the surface of the ocean.

Other than its rather brilliant design, this slot game is also incredibly easy to play as you’re given five reels and 20 pay lines to create combinations across. In terms of customising your game, you can change the size of your stake from £2 to £200 as all 20 paylines are rendered permanently active.

You can also set up manual play or you could opt for automatic mode with the ‘Auto Spin’ button in the control bar. As the reels play out you will be given a cash prize based on the symbols you land in combinations and occasionally Wilds will appear and substitute for items in your combos to provide additional ways to win.

There are two fun features attached to this game to ensure gameplay is kept interesting and exciting. The first feature you will encounter is the compass, whenever you land a winning spin it will appear and point in one of four random directions. A giant wave will then appear and the reels will move in that direction until no wins appear, it’s essentially a slot cascade that could land you quite a lot of cash if you’re lucky.

The other feature is the Free Spin Bonus; triggered when you land at least three Seahorse Scatters on the reels, this bonus will give you a set of spins based on the number of Scatters used to activate it.

For example, three Scatters lands 10 spins, four gives you 20 and for five Scatters you get to play with 30 spin. Also, as your free spins are playing out all your winnings will be tripled and you can re-launch this bonus by hitting another three Seahorse Scatters on the reels.

The Atlantis Treasure slot game is fast becoming our favourite game, its design is incredibly intricate and generally pleasing to the eye, gameplay is simple and you could land lots cash from its free spin and compass features.

If you ever find yourself in the mood for an undersea adventure then this slot game is definitely worth checking out.