Mecca Bingo would like you to leave this little blue and white ball hanging in the heavens that we call home and explore the outer galaxies with Alien Supernova. A new world of game play awaits you as Alien Supernova takes you away from the traditional video slot game. This great new game offers twelve win lines plus three exciting Bonus games and multiple payout wins. You will be transported to a different galaxy from that of standard slots, instead of the typical spinning reels there are three ‘rings’ made up of a fleet of spaceships, which line up against rays of light that signify the paylines. There are a host of occasions to earn some inter galactic cash before you return to your home planet (wherever that might be!). You will collect cash if you match 2 or 3 symbols on a payline or have 2 or 3 of the same coloured symbols on a payline. Matching symbols will always supersede matching colours, but however it happens you will increase your Galactic Cash.

Alien Attack Bonus Feature
Line up 3 Tentacle Fighters and cash is coming your way whilst you will also enter into the Alien Attack Bonus game. You now get the chance to ‘blast’ up to 7 Tentacle Fighter space ships out of the sky, revealing your cash reward. At the end of the ‘attack’ you will win all of the cash you collected.

Alien Abduction Bonus Feature
Lining up 3 Robo Fighters will add some bling to your Galactic Gold ‘fortune’ and will transport you to the Alien Abduction Bonus game. A herd of cud chewing cows gives you the chance to warm up the probe and carry out a spree of Alien Abduction! The cows are easy enough to abduct as they lumber round and round in circles. Each cow is concealing a different cash prize amount. Use your highly developed alien senses to pick one and collect the concealed cash prize.

Alien Autopsy Bonus Feature
Keep an eye out for the Tentacle Spy ships, line up three on a payline and you will be called in to the Alien Autopsy Bonus game. You get prize cash for the three Spy ships and you will then have the option to collect this amount and leave the bonus game or take a gamble. If you choose to gamble, the amount you have won could double, stay the same or be lost altogether. You will be shown three Alien Heads, each hiding one of the possible outcomes, choose carefully and you could be returning to Earth with an out of this world fortune!

This game makes a pleasant change from standard slots you may be familiar with, it’s untypical ‘ring’ array give you a bounty of winning chances with a maximum Jackpot of £100,000 on offer. You can try the game out for Free at Mecca Bingo’s user friendly site, where there are always lots of new promotions and incentives to keep you interested.