888Games has a number of excellent slot games to entice players with, previously running promos that encouraged us all to try out Spider-Man in exchange for free bonus funds. Now there is a new superhero slot game to try out, and it promises to be even better. 888Games has performed a huge couple by acquiring and featuring Batman among its current new games. The Caped Crusader is one of the most popular to have ever been created, hence why the last trilogy of films was so successful. Public appetite is thirsty for Batman and 888Games has answered the call in exactly the right way.

Dramatic Intro Cartoon
A shining light displays the Bat Signal across the night-time skyline of Gotham, calling out for the Dark Knight to emerge. The call is then answered when Batman roars into action on his Bat-Cycle and chases down his true nemesis, the Joker. Plenty of online slots utilise a cartoon or video as an introduction, but few come close to the drama of Batman’s. Any fan of the movies or cartoons will be delighted to see this one and will be all too eager to play. Quality is definitely on display from the outset in the Batman slot game.

Comic Styling Upheld
Admittedly, this is not a bud budget adaptation of Batman, but that does not really matter. It is a comic book adaptation and one that is very impressive. The reason that we say this is because the style has been maintained for all of the graphics. In addition, rather than pack the symbols out with playing card symbols, Batman only features symbols that are directly related to the story. This serves to make you feel ore attached to it than your average slot game.

Slot Design
Batman has been developed as a five-reel slot that has a staggering 50 paylines. But you don’t have to break the bank to play it, with the betting size able to be altered within the range of £0.01 and £5. However, you can flash the cash by maxing out with an overall bet of £250, should you so desire. Also, there is a special bonus bet button which will activate all 50 of the paylines and enable you to bet with 60 units instead of 50. Scatter and substitute symbols further fill out what is an excellent addition to the superhero slot squad at 888Game.