Do you ever wish you could play your favourite casino games and instead of losing you just always won? Well with Jackpot Joys cashback promotion not only can you play your favourite games but you’ll also get money back for any of your losses making it a win-win scenario!

This fantastic offer is available on Wednesday 29th October and it will give you cash on any losses you sustain. To claim your money back all you have to do is play your favourite casino game or any casino mini-game and wager a minimum of £50 on it, then for any losses you sustain Jackpot Joy will give you 10% back as a consolation prize so you’re not walking away empty handed.

You can receive up to a maximum of £20 back in cash and the total you’ll receive is worked out in the following way by Jackpot Joy. If you were to make a bet and your total losses for that bet came to £10 you would receive £1 back into your account to cover a portion of your losses. So the more you wager the higher the amount of cashback you’ll receive.

You must meet the minimum wager requirement of £50 for all games in order to receive your cash; once you do this the money you’re owed back in losses will normally be credited into your account within 72 working hours. You’ll also be notified by an email from Jackpot Joy to inform you of how much you’re owed and when you are likely to receive it.

This fantastic promotion is open to all Jackpot Joy members and once you receive your 10% cash back for losses you’ll have 30 days to spend it or withdraw it. If you plan on withdrawing it you’ll of course have to follow Jackpot Joys wagering requirements of betting your bonus twice before it can be withdrawn.

Also you need to have a funded account to participate, so if you haven’t done so then getting cashback is not the only great reason to top-up your account because with Jackpot Joy you’ll also get a 250% bonus for taking that first step with your account.

With the chance to recoup 10% of your losses from your favourite games you’ve got no excuse to not give this promotion a try!