So heres your chance to brave the auditions and the judges, win your opportunity to reach the Boot Camp and dream of performing in the live final, all without risking the ridicule of the nation as you screech your way through some impossible Whitney Houston number! Yes, Ladbrokes Games bring you ‘X-Factor: Steps To Stardom”, a multi-tier bonus, 5 reel slot with nothing less than a touch of the X-Factor itself.

As with most games of this type all you need to qualify for a payout is get three or more matching and consecutive symbols from left to right. Getting 3 or more Judges Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the Judges Bonus.

Judges Bonus
Getting 3 or more Judges Bonus symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the Judges Bonus. The more Judges Bonus symbols you have on screen, the larger the potential award that you will play for in the bonus.

To start the bonus you must face the first judge. A ‘No’ vote wipes out your award and ends the bonus with no award being won. A ‘Yes’ vote from a judge doubles the award and advances you to the next judge. Once you make it past the first judge you will have the option to collect your award or to risk it for a chance at doubling the amount. Should a judge vote against you at any point, the bonus will end and you will be returned to the main game.

Boot Camp Bonus
Getting 3, 4 or 5 ‘Boot Camp’ symbols on a staked line takes you into the Boot Camp Bonus. Boot Camp is a free spins round with the number of free spins awarded determined by the number of triggering symbols. The free spins are played at the same total stake as the spin that triggered the round. Awards from any winning outcomes during the free spins are accumulated and displayed. Free spins cannot be re-triggered from within the Boot Camp Bonus.

Live Final Bonus
During the Boot Camp free spins there is a new ‘Star’ symbol on the reels. Each time a star lands in any position on the reels it is added to your star tally displayed at the top of the screen. If your star tally reaches 10 during your free spins you will advance to the Live Final round.

Start the Live Final by picking from a number of categories to construct your ‘performance’. You will receive an award amount or multiplier for each of three elements—Performance, Audience Reaction and Judges’ Verdict. The total of the awards and multiplier determines the total bonus award that you are being offered. You can choose to either collect the bonus award offer, or try again in which case the subsequent offer may be higher or lower. You will get up to 3 offers, and so if you reject the first two you will leave the Live Final with the third offer as your bonus award.

If you have not yet completed your free spins before advancing to the Live Final you will do so afterwards. If your star tally exceeded 10 at the time of advancing to the Live Final the additional stars will remain in your tally until all of the free spins are completed. Any awards earned during Boot Camp free spins are added to any award earned during the Live Final.