Welcome to War of the Worlds, the 5 reel, 100 line slot machine game. Stake from as little as 1p per line and win up to a massive £250,000! With a great bonus feature, you really can win the War!

Ladbrokes Games have created an amazing game that has fantastic graphics and sound effects taken from Jeff Waynes' 70's progressive rock concept album itself based on the classic science fiction story by H.G. Wells. Today the two-disc album remains a bestseller, having sold millions of records around the world, and was the 40th best selling album of all time in the UK with sales of 2,561,286 by 2009. The game successfully recreates the feel of the ground breaking album and even features the holographic face of Richard Burton who narrated the story in Jeff Waynes' version.

Once you start to play you will notice right away the one feature that absolutely jumps out at you from this game and that is the 100 pay lines – but remember that to play them all can get expensive quickly!

And if the paylines and jackpot aren’t enough then the bonus game is sure to get your attention. You access this bonus round by getting 3 BONUS symbols anywhere on the reels. The idea of the bonus round is to shoot as many of the ‘Fighting Machines’ as you can before they shoot all 3 of your cannons. You have 3 cannons and there are 3 Fighting Machines to shoot and when the power meter is on the amount you want then press the Fire button to fire that cannon.

If you kill all 3 of the machines then you will get onto the next stage. There are 3 stages in total and you get a bonus of 500 times your total stake if you complete them all by killing all 9 Fighting Machines. The game ends when you have no more cannons left or when you have killed all 9 machines. 500 times your stake equals big bonus payout!

All in an all, Ladbrokes have a great, fun game that has really big potential payouts so if you fancy your chances then this could be the game for you.