Online gambling is so established and competitive that most new ventures don’t make it, but Kerching Casino, using the WagerWorks software, is one of the exceptions. UK-based Kerching has accomplished that through excellent customer service and a software platform that is truly fresh and innovative. The scope of its slot selection, in particular, has made a great impression on the online gambling community.

In fact, playing slots at has become so popular that it’s become slang: To ‘kerch’ is to play slots, and ‘kerching’ is playing and winning. So when we say kerching with “Transformers Ultimate Payback,” we mean playing and winning big. Transformers Ultimate Payback has a house edge as low as about 3 percent, and the top jackpot is 10,000 coins. It also has a solid range of lucrative bonus features that hit frequently.

Ultimate Payback has five reels and twenty-five pay lines, and the machine allows one to five coins per line. The coin size ranges from £1 to £5, and a player can achieve the low house edge with only three coins. There’s a rule of thumb in slots that the biggest bet is the best bet, but as in this case, that’s usually an oversimplification. Players can do quite well in terms of edge, odds and payout just betting £3.

Ultimate Payback has three special components: expanding wilds, multiplier wilds and a bonus game. The expanding wilds, which are the Autobot and Decepticon symbols, are the most common. They appear on the second and fourth reels, and when they do, they expand to cover the entire reel. In other words, an Autobot means that the second symbol on EVERY line is wild, and it can actually set off multiple wins.

The second most common bonus feature is the Cybertron symbol. Cybertron works more like a standard wild, but it has the added multiplier bonus. If the board is a winner — it doesn’t matter if the Cybertron wild is directly involved — the player gets a bonus from the Cybertron worth from two to ten. The game then multiplies all winnings that round by the multiplier. So if you won the jackpot and the 5x multiplier with a £3 bet, the winnings would be £150K: 10,000 coins x 5 x £3.

The least common but most lucrative feature is the Ultimate Payback bonus game. In this game, the player gets to choose Megatron or Optimus Prime, and then they try to defeat the other. The player accomplishes — or fails — to do that through a series of spins on the machine. Each spin can result in a point of damage given or taken, and the player can win cash prizes throughout the entire process. It’s one of the more lucrative bonus rounds we’ve ever experienced, and we highly recommend it as well as Kerching Casino.