If interactive games which also require some playing skills are what you’re looking for, then Lady Luxor from Ladbrokes Casino is the one for you.

This pub slot is easy to play and will appeal to players who don’t want to rely on luck alone to collect the cash. Enter the world of the Queen’s and Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, this incredibly wealthy civilization has surprises galore for an intrepid explorer.

Clear and colourful graphics featuring all the symbols we have come to associate with this fascinating period of ancient history enhance this entertaining game at Ladbrokes. Pith-helmeted archaeologists, Lady Luxor, Ankhs and Hieroglyphics, Mummy’s and exotic dancing girls, will all help the player to ‘excavate’ the hidden treasures in this fast moving game.

A betting range of between 10p and 10.00 Pounds will appeal to a wide range of players looking for something a little bit different, while a maximum Jackpot of 5,000 Pounds is not to be sniffed at.

Lady Luxor offers a number of features with good reward opportunities, this 3 reel, single payline slot includes a 9 symbol reel reward structure and a 36 symbol Trail Bonus feature. There is the chance for lucky Players to earn up to a 500x multiplier on their winnings, using their skill and a combination of nudges and holds. Land 3 Mummy heads and you will enter the Trail Bonus feature, you are now an ‘explorer’ who must follow a trail whilst being chased by an evil Mummy. Each square you land on has a value and you can choose to collect, or gamble if you think you can stay out of the Mummy’s clutches!.

The Trail offers numerous ways to progress and collect some ancient treasure, Extra Life, Camel Ride and Restart Chance will all help you on your journey through Egypt. This round has some great interactive features with names which will appeal to any slots player, Cleo’s Cash, Nile Nugget and Raid The Tomb are just what you would expect in this land of vast wealth.

Lady Luxor is an up to the minute slot offering a highly interactive player experience, combine your skill with a bit of luck and your ‘dig’ could be very successful. You can try Lady Luxor at Ladbrokes Casino for Free until you’re familiar with the game, then use some cash in the land of the pyramids, for your chance to win the 5,000 Pound jackpot.