Jackpot Joy Promos


Jackpotjoy has launched a brand new promo as of Saturday 27 July. The plan is for it to run until the Monday after (29 July), which will give players three days in which to try and earn a cashback bonus. Cashback Climber is a promo that will feature a number of selected slot games from Jackpotjoy’s impressive collection. The promo will work on the basis that participating players will wager on those selective online slots to potentially generate 15% cashback on their losses. It is a pretty good opportunity to go hunting for a big win, considering that the risk is lessened by the cashback.

In order to be eligible for the promo, Jackpotjoy requires you to have wagered £150 on the selected slot game for that day. Players that wager on all three of the slots will get 15% cashback. Wager on just two and you will receive 10%, and then 5% for wagering on one. The first game featured is ‘In it for the Money’, and that will come on the Saturday (27 July). Game number two will be Double Bubble on the Sunday (28 July). The final game is going to be Fortune Temple on the Monday (29 July).

Double Joy Points
Once the Cashback Climber promo has ended, Jackpotjoy will be starting a brand new promo the very next day (Tuesday 30 July). The new one is called Double Joy Points because you will have the chance to earn double loyalty points from Jackpotjoy. Basically, Joy Points are the loyalty currency that will enable you to earn bonus from Jackpotjoy. The bonus cash can then be used to help fund extra gaming time, thus boosting your chances of feeling joyful because of winning a jackpot. It is always important to claim as many extra free treats as you can from online gaming sites.

Double Joy Points will be running throughout all of Tuesday, so that will give you an excellent boost to the early portion of your week. Compared to Cashback Climber, Double Joy Points gives you a greater level of choice of what games you can play. In the promo, Jackpotjoy will let you wager on any of its slot games or online scratch cards. During all of that wagering your normal level of Joy Points will be generously doubled. Once you have enough, pay a visit to the Shop of Joy to spend them!