Bejeweled is an immensely popular series of tile-matching puzzle games developed by PopCap. Recently, PopCap has developed a gambling-oriented Bejeweled series, available at Jackpotjoy. Founded in 2001, UK-based Gamesys Group is one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world, and a leading provider of online games and gambling opportunities; Jackpot Joy is its flagship product.

The four games in the Jackpot Joy Bejeweled series are Bejeweled Hypercash, Bejeweled 2 Slots, Bejeweled Bingo and Bejeweled Scratchcard. Hypercash, Slots and Scratchcard card are all available in a demo mode, which is full-featured, free-to-play and does not require a Jackpot Joy account. Due to the nature of the game, Bingo is only available in the live mode.

Hypercash is most like the classic Bejeweled game. The game presents you with an 8×8 grid of jewels of various shapes and colors, and you win based on combinations. A 6-gem combination is the lowest win, and it pays out at x0.25. The highest payout is x100, which is at 16 or more gems. If you win, the game also returns your original bet. So if you bet £1 and hit six gems, you’d receive £1.25. Unlike classic Bejeweled, you don’t actually click gems and form patterns. It all happens based on the initial layout of the board.

Bejeweled 2 Slots is a 5-reel 3-row video slots machine with 20 bet lines that uses a theme in the style of Bejeweled 2. The machine has a bet range from 1p to £1, and the top payout is x10K. The game also includes three bonus games: a free spins feature, the Wheel Pick game, and a Reaction Bonus that lets you snatch Bejeweled gems as they cascade down from the top of the screen.

Bejeweled Bingo is a traditional 90-ball bingo game with some Bejeweled-themed special features. For instance, each round that you purchase 6 or more tickets you’ll automatically participate in the Bejeweled Challenge. The Challenge awards you free tickets based on your score, even if you didn’t it win, which is a nice perk. Bejeweled Bingo also has a progressive jackpot, and the guaranteed jackpot every day is £2,500.

Last but not least, Bejeweled Scratchcard is a scratch-off that uses a 3×4 grid. Players can wager £1, £2 or £4, and the respective jackpots are £750, £1,500 and £3,000. The game requires four clicks in all to remove the gems and reveal the hidden amounts, but it also offers a REVEAL ALL button, which allows you to play the entire card instantaneously.

Each Bejeweled game is a lot of fun and really captures the look and feel of the original game. All gamers should visit Jackpotjoy and try these all in the demo mode. If you decide to stick around, Jackpot Joy offers a player-friendly 200 percent match bonus on your first deposit!